Frequently Asked Questions

Tattoos may not be visible while on duty. If you currently have a tattoo on your body that is noticeable, you will need either to have it removed or wear something appropriate over it to hide it from public view.

Mustaches will be neatly trimmed and cannot extend below the lower corners of the mouth. Beards are not acceptable for sworn personnel.

No. You are not required to live in the city to work for the Mesquite Police Department. However, officers that do live in the city may be issued a take-home car depending on their duty assignment and vehicle availability.

Yes. The Mesquite Police Department is a Civil Service Agency under Chapter 143 of the Texas Local Government Code.

Yes. TCOLE requires all officers to be U.S. Citizens.

No. TCOLE will not license individuals as peace officers if they have a felony conviction. See link for State licensing requirements.

No. TCOLE will not certify you as a peace officer if you have ever been convicted of an offense above the grade of a Class B misdemeanor or a Class B misdemeanor within the last ten years.

Or if you have ever been on court-ordered community supervision or probation for any criminal offense above the grade of Class B misdemeanor or a Class B misdemeanor within the last ten years from the date of the court order;

Or if you have ever been convicted or placed on community supervision in any court of an offense involving family violence as defined under Chapter 71, Texas Family Code;

Or if you are currently charged with any criminal offense for which conviction would be a bar to licensure.

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Our patrol officers work 10-hour shifts, four days a week. Days off and duty assignment depend on seniority.

The Mesquite Police Department has an authorized manpower of 253 sworn officers.

Depending on seniority and vehicle availability, officers who live in the city of Mesquite are allowed to take their assigned vehicle home.

All police officers must be off probation before they are eligible for other duty assignments. Other assignments may include: Criminal Investigations, Crime Scene Investigation, School Resource Officers, Traffic Enforcement and Accident Investigation, Tactical Team, Hostage Negotiation Team, Narcotics, K-9, (SRT) Special Response Team, Bicycle, and Deployment unit.

From the date you take the civil service test to the date you are offered a job, averages about 2 to 3 months. However, your start date would depend on the start date of the next scheduled academy class. Please refer to the academy schedule for class dates.

Incentive pay is offered for associates, bachelors, and master’s degrees. Incentive pay is also offered for bilingual employees who are able to be certified to read, write and/or speak a non-English language.

TCOLE requirements to be a licensed police officer states that the applicant must never have received a dishonorable or other discharge based on misconduct, which bars future military service.

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Yes, employees must sign a “promissory note” agreeing to pay back any relocation incentive received if they do not complete two full years of service.

Relocation Reimbursement Policy: Police Officers employed after May 1, 2006 will be eligible to apply for reimbursement of expenses associated with relocation of personal residence so long as the new address is within the City of Mesquite. The reimbursement of moving expenses may not exceed $2,500.00 for each qualified Police Officer. This policy further stipulates that such relocation reimbursement must be:

  • Verified by the director of Human Resources to be related to the moving of a household. Typically such household moving expenses will include the following: a moving service, rental of a moving van/trailer, moving supplies such as boxes, mileage of personal vehicles used in the move, deposits for utility services, lease application fees, security deposit required in a lease, and any other related expenses approved by the Director of Human Resources.
  • Related to temporary living quarters for up to three months.
  • Verified with detailed receipts.
  • For relocations completed within 18 months of the Police Officer’s hire date.
  • Accompanied by a signed “Promissory Note” obligating repayment of any relocation reimbursement received if the Police Officer does not complete at least two full years of employment with the City of Mesquite.